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A residential house featuring a solid roof and functional gutters, designed to protect the structure from rainwater

Eavestroughs and Gutter Guards for Homes in Sussex and Surrounding Area

Eavestroughs are a big part of how your roofing system protects your home from damage. A good system redirects rainwater away from your house and prevents water infiltration in your roof and foundations. At BLH Gutters, we provide quality eavestroughs and gutter guards for homes in Sussex and the surrounding communities. From gutter guard installations to repairs of existing systems, you can rely on us for quality eavestrough services.

We provide the following products and services:

  • Eavestrough

  • Gutter guards

  • Gutter protection

  • Cleaning

  • Repair

  • Downspout


We work with the supplier KAYCAN to provide our customers with seamless K-style aluminum gutters.


Interested in learning more? You can contact us today to request a quote.

gutter system on the roof of a house
Close up of white frame gutter guard

No More Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter guards mean the end of having to unclog your gutters every year. They protect against debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs, and they help protect against unwanted critters like squirrels or birds. They even provide protection against shingle grit!


Rainwater passes through even during the heaviest storms while catching debris and leaving you with an easy home maintenance job at the end of it all.

Dark brown gutter guard system

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